Experience, Eco-Friendly, and Quality

With over 30 years of experience, New Wyoming Dry Cleaners in Millburn, NJ, is the only CO2 cleaners in the area. 

A small family owned and operated, New Wyoming cleaners brings a personal touch to your local dry cleaners. Dedicated to provide top notch service, we are the clear choice in dry cleaning. 

With a full range of services ranging from cleaning CO and expert alterations all your garment needs will be well taken care of here at New Wyoming Cleaners. 

CO2 Cleaning is the ONLY truly organic dry cleaning

  • CO 2 is the only 100%, environmental solvent available, other than water.
  • CO 2 can clean leathers, furs, down comforters & jackets, beaded garments and silks.
  • CO 2 will remove fire damage odors.
  • CO 2 increases your garment life, typically 30-40%, due to its much gentler cleaning properties.
  • CO 2 greatly reduces risks of “heat setting” stains, due to the low temperature cleaning process.